A new jazz show – can you help me to name it?

It’s been a few years since I graced the airwaves, but I’m back! I’ll be presenting a new jazz show on Phoenix FM starting next Monday at 6pm, playing all sorts of great jazz, old and new. I’ll also be promoting gigs in the Essex area, so if you’re playing somewhere, let me know and I’ll do my best to let my listeners know.

The one thing I can’t work out is what to call the show… ‘Jazz Club’ was the name of the jazz show on Phoenix a few years ago, but I’m slightly wary of the comedy connections! And the others I’ve come up with (‘Jazz Attack’, ‘Swingin it’ and ‘In the Pocket’) seem pretty tame/lame! So if you’ve got an idea, please post it here or send me a message on Facebook.

And don’t forget… tune in next Monday at 6pm either on 98FM, online or using the Phoenix FM app. I’ll probably make all sorts of embarrassing mistakes which will be worth listening out for!


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